Get excited with to our newest product - DM PAD XXL. During the last few months we asked many gaming experts, what is the most important thing in gaming pad. We tried many prototypes and finally, after thousands of hours, we designed DM PAD XXL the best gaming pad available on the market. This mouse pad is everything you need for your favourite mouse. As a gamer, you need fast movement that doesn't compromise control - and that's what DM PAD offers. Feel gaming on a completely new level, thanks to DM PAD, now available in three sizes: L, XL and XXL. Gaming mouse pad DM PAD XXL allows you to fully use your space.

Created for gamers.

Apart of prefered placing of your gaming laptop or gaming mouse movement range, with our DM PAD XXL nothing is limiting you! This is one of few mouse pads for players wider then 1 m. With great dimensions comes great freedom.

Absolute control.

Properly sleek surface provides smooth moves and complete control over your gaming mouse. It was designed to cope with wide variability of movements which is characteristic for FPS games. For best performence of dynamic rotations as well as laser precise aiming, perfect combining gaming mouse and gaming mouse pad is a must.

Speed and precision - your success during game.

Thanks to its truly monstrous size, you are sure you won't run out of space to play! DM PAD XXL will suit you perfectly if you prefer using your own gaming equipment when playing outside (i.e. tournaments or friendly LAN matches).

Multi-layer surface, The highest quality and finish.

Since now, you don't have to bother where your mouse pad ends and can completely focus on gaming. It's made of high-quality microfibre and provides you the best possible experience.

No more problems with spilled drinks.

Our DM PAD has a water-resistant surface. Don't be scared of spilling water all over it. We use a special manufacturing process that prevents liquids from soaking into the mouse pad. Any accidents can easily be wiped off without harming your pad.*

Only 3 mm thickness

We asked players, what would be the best thickness of a gaming pad. On the market you can find whole range of mouse pads, from 1 mm thickness up to 7 mm. Most of the players agreed that the perfect size is in the middle. 3 millimeter thickness provides reliability, at the same time not compromising elasticity of DM PAD.

*We do not recommend soaking your mouse pad in liquids. It is possible that over time it can be penetrated by liquids, so don't take it scuba diving. Keep in mind, on a wet surface you shouldn't use your mouse, so be smart and dry it off before usage.

AvailabilityIn stock
Price21.99 EUR
Base Microfibre
Dimensions 1200x600x3 mm / 47.2x23.6x0.11 in
Optimized for Non-slip rubber
Color Black
Edges Stitched
Waterproof Yes
Compatible with Laser&optical sensors
Type of surface Speed&control