How to install Linux on Dream Machines laptops?

Hi, below you will find a guide in which we explain how to install Linux on our Laptops. If you have any questions, please contact our support department:

Dream Machines does not provide drivers for use on Linux / Unix, but it can confirm that many operating system functions are working. Drivers included in some Linux distributions are compatible with our laptops.
Dream Machines support staff can offer limited help to developers and reporting issues to investigate when used on the platforms listed below. Dream Machines has no control over when problems can be investigated or resolved.
Support is limited to general inquiries regarding the operating systems listed below and the provision of existing documentation for the activities described below. Dream Machines support representatives are unable to provide step-by-step installation over the phone. To provide solutions, any queries or problems should be reproducible in our support laboratory.

Limited support and documentation are available for the following activities:
Configuring a bootable USB flash drive
Installing the operating system
Configuring the operating system for silent VGA mode

Dream Machines provides limited support on the following platforms:

Instruction for installing Ubuntu (We recommend the newest version)

Making an installation drive

1. Download Ubuntu -
2. Download Rufus -
3. Run Rufus. In “device” menu choose a USB that you want to install Ubuntu on.

4. In “Boot selection” choose “SELECT” and search for previously downloaded Ubuntu.

5. Set the rest of the settings as in the picture below and choose “start”.

System installation

1. Put in drive with Linux to USB port
2. In “Try Ubuntu without installing” press “E”

3. In 4th row after “quiet” command, write down a command which you can see below (“nomodeset”)

4. Press F10, to save settings and restart the system.
5. Run Ubuntu installation tool from desktop and configure the installation.
6. After installation, reset system and put out the USB drive.
7. Before run the system, press “Esc” until menu which you can see below appears (if the system didnt turn on, reset and try again).

8. Choose “Advanced options for Ubuntu”, and then (recovery mode)

9. In Recovery Menu choose “resume”

10. After system run, find app “Software Updater”.

11. After update, choose “install now” and then “restart later”.
12. Find app Software & Updates.

13. In “Additional Drivers” choose Nvidia driver -like in the picture below

14. Press “Apply Changes”
15. restart system

If you have any questions, please contact our support department:

Dream Machines team