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PixArt 3370



DM6 Holey Trio

Developing the ultimate endgame is a process of learning and iteration. Like an artist that's create artwork what will be essance of his ideas and artisty ambitions we at Dream Machines are quite similar in that sense. Making exceptional devices is our dream and Your opinion is our muse. To satisfy all possible needs and wants that anybody could have. This is why we constantly improve and break the boundaries of what it means to have a device that is all and ends all. This, in our (totally unbiased) opinion, is DM6 Holey Trio.

The Body

Everyone keeps saying 'it's not the outside that matters, it's the inside'. 

Yeah, right! We have always been trying to find the most comfortable mouse shape that could please even the harshest of critics. But shape and size is what ends up adding weight. It may sound stupid, but we decided to, well… Make some holes in it. To hell with function over form if you can just have both. Not only is it an ultra light, comfortable 81 grams in its category, you can also see the heart of the device too! Speaking of which...

The Heart

If it ain't broke, don't fix it - as some wise man once said. We tried and tested a magnitude of switches and one kept coming at the top - the Huano. With their 20 million click lifespan, these little nuggets will last you a lifetime of rank ups and rank downs. They'll be there, waiting for you after a hard day. They will not fail when you really need them, providing you with a satisfying click reaction to each of your actions. Think of them like being in a perfect, wholesome, supportive partnership with someone who will never let you down. ;)

The Soul

To drive our device, we went with the 'fresh like a Sunday morning's toast' PixArt 3370 sensor. Frankly, it's so new we haven't really explored all it's potential yet. However, we know this - it's faster, better and more reliable than any of its predecessors. PixArt, just like us, tries to find the Holy Grail of responsiveness, accuracy and reliability, making 3370 their newest flagship invention. If it were any stronger, it would have X-ray vision at this point*. After all, our ultimate goal is to make the best mouse of all time, even if it means it'll be spying on your neighbour downstairs.

* probably


So we all know how mice work, it doesn't take an astrophysicist to figure that conundrum out. There's a shoelace cable, but like, with DM6 you can unplug it too and the mouse will still work, right? Well guess what - we also jammed a Bluetooth interface into this bad boy, so when you play on a laptop there are no dongles nor nothing else that you need to worry about. You can be sure that you'll get the most out of this union, whether your mouse has a direct connection or prefers to live in a long distance relationship.

Happily Ever After

Obligatory corporate buzzwords aside, we are extremely proud of what we managed to cram into DM6 Holey Trio. Our modus operandi is to develop devices that we, as enthusiasts, would love to use ourselves. Truth is, we listen to all the feedback. We know that finding a cost efficient mouse to support all possible options is no easy endeavor! You guys never make it easy for us, do you! Well, no matter, because we truly hope to have matched your high standards! An ultra-light, ultra-fast, ultra-reliable mouse. Every option in the world we could think of at a fraction of the cost.

If we could add literally anything else it would be a fridge module. Or an AI. How about that…?

DM6 Trio
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Max speed
7.0 m/s
Polling Rate
1000 Hz
6 + scroll
PixArt 3370
Gold plated
400, 800, 1600, 3200, 5000, 19000
LOD (lift off distance)
1.8 mm
Left switch
Huano 20.000.000 clicks
Right switch
Huano 20.000.000 clicks
Side switches
3.000.000 clicks
Huano White Dot
129 x 66 x 40
81 g (without cable)
Shoelace + RF connector
Matte, black
Manual, mouse, RF connector