• Installation of the Prema vBIOS in our laptops is quite easy, but it does require a few steps. Please, read the follwing warnings first:

1. Please, install only on models bought from Dream Machines or a Dream Machines reseller and please pay close attention to the model of the GPU (for example installation of GTX1060 and GTX1070 will have different vBIOS and the wrong installer can damage the GPU)

2. If you are installing on G-series then the Nvidia GPU should be activated while upgrading (this is done through GPU-Z). For each GPU in G-series, there are 2 vBIOS, one is MSHYBRID and the second is DISCRETE. Here the situation is quite easy, if the laptop is set in DISCRETE then install DISCRETE. For X-series the situation is even easier as the whole time you are using the dedicated GPU as it does not have optimus or manual contuol as in G-series

3. Also, make a backup of your vBIOS before installing a modified BIOS (we recommend GPU-Z with the option save vBIOS).

4. Always, upgrade while plugged into the power source (not on battery).

5. Always read the readme file included with the vBIOS

6. The process is now quite simple. In X-series and G-series (in DISCRETE mode) please find the file ModMe.bat and double click on it. Read all information on the screen and if everything is ok and correct type a “Y” which will begin the upgrade process. After a little while the message “update successful” should appear and this means you have finished the process. Close the dialog box and restart the laptop. You now have successfully unlocked your vBIOS.

7. It is quite easy to update, but if something is done incorrectly it can cause serious damage to the laptop. For this reason we do not recommend it to be done by people who are not familiar with technical procedures on a computer. If you have any difficulties please do not hesitate to contact us and we will try to support in every way we can.