1. How long will it take you to process my order?What is the turnaround time?

a.) Laptops:

• If you choose a laptop with our satandard configuration, such as -15PL20, 17PL22, etc. - we normally ship it within 1-2 working days after your payment has been received, for customized configurations it may take up to 3-5 working days depending on configuration, delivery time for configurations with delidding processor will be set individually.

• Mice and accessories:

• Normally, we ship your order within within 1-2 working days after your payment was received.Normally configured laptops will ship after receiving payment and delivery time is usually 1 working day. With the modified orders, delivery time can range from 3-5 days.

2. How can I pay for my orderWhat payment methods are accepted?

• We accept bank transfers, credit card payments, and internet transfers using Przelewy24 (http://www.przelewy24.pl/eng/). You can buy in installments with Przelewów24. At this time, we do not accept cash on delivery is not availableoption.

3. Can I change or upgrade the components installed in my laptop by myself?

• Yes, our laptops are specially designed for customers to be able to upgrade or change the components when needed. However, treat this procedure with care in order not to damage any of the laptop parts as it will void the warranty.

4. If I customize and order my laptop on Dream Machines website, can I pick it up at your partner’s location?

• Customized laptops can only be picked up at Dream Machines locations. In Poland you can pick it up only in Warsaw (Wołoska 16). We can always ship your order to a location in Poland or EU using a service of one of our logistics partners with the respective delivery fee applied to your order. Delivery time will vary depending on your location. For Poland, for example, it usually takes 1 business day from the date of shipment. If you place your order and choose personal pickup option, your order will be treated as it will be collected by you at our location in Warsaw, Poland.

5. Where else can I buy your products?

• You are welcome to purchase our products from one of our partners. A list of partners you can find in the “Where to buy” section of our website.

6. Can I purchase your products for my company?

• Yes, of course. You can choose an option to order for a company, while placing your order, and fill in the necessary data.

7. What is the difference between the G-series laptops and X-series?

• G-series laptops are produced with processor and graphics card soldered to the motherboard. X-series notebooks allow you to replace processor and the graphics card uses the MXM slot (granted that it is technically supported by a new generation of graphics cards).

8. Where can I see your products?

• Each of our products is available at our office in Warsaw, Poland (Wołoska 16). However, please contact us at least two hours in advance in order to confirm the availability of the product for you to check.

9. Which components are used inside the standard configurations of your laptops (memory, HDD, SSD)?

• In our standard configurations, we use the components produced by companies such as Crucial, Goodram, Transcend, Plextor, Hitachi, and others of a similar profile.

10. What is the difference between Prema BIOS and Prema vBIOS and how do I install those?

• Prema BIOS will allow you to overclock a CPU installed in your laptop, while Prema vBIOS will let you overclock your graphics adapter. Installation process will depending on a notebook model chosen and its configuration. Please contact us for more details at support@dreammachines.pl.

11. Is Prema vBIOS is always installed by Dream Machines?

• Prema vBIOS is usually installed by the end user. But in some configurations, such as buying a laptop with Windows operating system installations, we perform VBIOS install.